Realize Rowlett 2020 Phase III

Realize Rowlett Phase III (North Shore Master Plan)

What is The North Shore Master Plan Initiative?

On November 5, 2013, the City Council authorized the North Shore Planning Initiative. This is the process by which we are implementing the Realize Rowlett 2020 Comprehensive Plan (Phase I) that was adopted by the City Council in September 2011 and the City’s Form Based Code that was adopted in October 2012 (Phase II). Please watch the Realize Rowlett 2020 Phase I and Phase II Recap Video.

In summary, the North Shore Planning Initiative consisted of five major components:

  1. Market study in conjunction with the work force study.
  2. Property owner outreach and consensus building.
  3. Illustrative Master Plan.
  4. Creation of Development Types based on the market study and subsequent amendment of the Form Based Code to add those development types. It is anticipated that at a minimum those development types will include: highway condition, regional office, technology, transition/urban neighborhood, edge condition, natural condition, and possibly more based on the market study.
  5. Creation of the detailed regulating plan and associated rezoning documents.

North Shore Maps

The North Shore Market Analysis (PDF) and North Shore Site Analysis (PDF) were conducted as part of an effort to focus development within this particular area.

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