Open Records and Reports

Fire Reports

A request from an individual to obtain a fire report is an open records request, under the Open Records Act, and it must be requested in writing. Fire Reports for homeowners are free of charge.

Fire Reports for individuals other than homeowners are $5 each. You may obtain a copy of the request form here: Request for public information (PDF). Requests can also be submitted through the Citizens Action Center or by email to

Patient Medical Records

Requests for patient medical and/or billing records may be obtained by contacting Emergicon, who has contracted with the city to provide these services.  All requests should be submitted with the necessary verification and/or representation documentation in order to expedite the process.

Patients wishing to obtain their own (personal) records must submit a request to Emergicon and once verification is complete, transfer of records will be made through the requested medium.  There is no fee for individuals to request their own records.

Secondary parties that wish to obtain medical records on a specific patient must submit their requests accompanied by documentation of legal representation and/or responsibility.  All documentation must conform to legal requirements outlined in federal and/or state law.  The release of records is subject to fees assessments based on request type and Emergicon fee schedules.

Additional information regarding fees or submission requirements may be obtained by contacting Emergicon directly.